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About our crypto currency wallets (we change them from time to time): when sending payments, please, use rates actual at the time of order placement (time is fixed in the confirmation e-mail). We accept payment calculations based on crypto coin rates displayed at coinmarketcap.com or xe.com (rates are displayed and refreshed on the 1 day chart every 5 minutes).

Besides order payments, we also kindly accept artist support donations to these addresses! 
Bitcoin wallet: 19PAPWsqAMdCTQ1TiSGsGASbY2YWZf2UYr
Ethereum wallet: 0xE358B94F9526d8f3fa08591E72A36F631D4CE9d8
Ethereum Classic wallet: 0xBa8c2e8577bec913bb27476d0c910C043Cb508E2
Gulden wallet: GKpkq4f4NKckEbPLH917Z8eoTJTonFjCPH
Z-cash wallet: t1KE7mYAzxjuUqPoJLhWywGgLMMGczK9zJz
Monero wallet: monero (coming soon)
Dash wallet: XusJDxP6qVHqNh8m34kvdGpxBngv3H6FEz

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